I have created this web site in order to focus on my book.

In the book, there are at least four remarkable insights which are as yet undiscovered in our culture.

  1. There are 27 mutually perpendicular dimensions.
  2. These dimensions include all of the universe, including physical, spiritual and time.
  3. Human behavior is controlled mostly by evolutionary cultural streams.
  4. The value of one person’s work is multiplied by his culture.

I am also working on a new book. I am convinced that the future of humanity lies not in robotics or artificial intelligence, but in the development of culture. Our millennia history of successive boom and bust economic cycles are based on the disparate rates of biological versus cultural evolution.

Humanity has evolved in order to cope with poverty and scarcity. It cannot easily adapt to an environment of prosperity.

I think one solution lies in what I call management by network. As an entrepreneur in the ’70’s at Epicure Products, Inc. I conducted an evolutionary experiment by turning the management of the company over to a committee of managers who had no CEO. Growth and success were spectacular — until the company became prosperous.

I now realize that this was another example of the boom and bust syndrome.

In both cases, what is missing is the function of negative feedback. Unconstrained networks automatically generate positive feedback proportional to the number of connections.