The Trump Interruption

I started paying attention to the political news around the time of Reagan. I got the beginnings of my economic education from the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal and Jude Wanniski, who both wrote for the Wall Street Journal and was in the middle of those introducing “Supply Side Economics” into our culture. I had already begun to distrust conventional sources of news and history and sought out other explanations for the curious events going on. Other than the WSJ editors, there weren’t many.
Now I have developed two new concepts: ” Cultural Streams” and “Models of Reality.” Our population is divided into groups where each group is defined by its Cultural  Streams (information which is transmitted throughout the group) and its Models of Reality (interpretations of that information.) Some of these groups are political.
There is an analogy in accounting. After a time period of Income and Expense, the Accountant creates a statement of Assets and Liabilities. The unit of account is money. Similarly, after a time period in which the Cultural Stream evolves, the Historian creates a Model of Reality. The unit of account is information.
At this time, we have two very good examples of Cultural Streams and Models of Reality for  President Trump. One is the sympathetic model portrayed on Fox News and the other is the hostile version from almost all other news sources.  In one, Trump is portrayed as a psychopathic liar, who is a danger to the country. The other (which uses essentially the same facts) portrays him as a savior of the Constitution and a leader of the country into excellence and prosperity. In my view both are vast over-simplifications and far from accurate.
I first suspected the existence of the Deep State when I saw that the Republican Party foisted on Ronald Reagan a Vice-Presidential candidate  (George H.W. Bush) who was a personal enemy and had a completely antithetical political philosophy. I had read “The Power Elite,” by C. Wright Mills, when I was young, so it was not a completely unfamiliar idea. More recently I have been troubled  by George W Bush’s  complete failure to defend his successful economic achievements and his personal reputation against what I perceived as scurrilous smears by the media.
I have since been able to understand that the Bush family and much of the Power Elite have a far different Model of Reality. They believe that a prosperous and Constitutional United States is not beneficial to the future of humanity, to whom the biggest threat to humanity (and themselves) is international warfare, especially nuclear. Their goal is One-World Government.
The purpose of the nation-state is to provide a secure environment in which citizens may work, trade and reproduce. It is only in this model that capitalism (prosperity) can flourish. This is the model that Trump represents. There are many Cultural Streams which oppose or contradict this model.
  • Socialism
  • One-World government
  • Ecologists
  • Humanitarianism
  • Egalitarianism
  • Anti-capitalism
Ironically, all of the models which challenge the capitalist model rely on the prosperity which only capitalism produces.
When people are wealthy, they tend to become altruistic do-gooders. Like Socialists, who are perfectly happy to give away other peoples money, the wealthy are perfectly happy to manage the countries of the world both for  their own good and for the good of the world. These are the people whose goal is One-World government. To them, the nation-state is an impediment and needs to be abolished. I suspect that the group that control Obama are largely sympathetic if not actually collaborating.
In my Model of Reality, with the election of Hillary, the Obama-Clinton-Soros cabal was on the verge of completely taking over the levers of control of the entire U.S. Government, including election results. This was the situation  that was interrupted by the election of Trump.